juliane holmstrøm
graphic design / illustration


Graphic and poetic illustrations in calming grey tones, with stories of sensuous imagery from an botanical universe in twilight. Sofie Børsting's inspirations are found in nature, dreams, art and childhood memories.
The illustrations and products propose to be used in the home to create new atmospheric oases, together with items such as plants, sculptures and design.

I developed a logo for Sofie that tells her way of working which is very abstract and organic. And the logo also grew out of one of Sofie´s original drawings. Deeply inspired by Art deco and botanics.

Besides the logo I also did the catalogue design that represents Sofie's art work in a simple, yet personal way. 

To see full catalogue online. Tjeck out issuu version:

My part: Logo design and catalogue design

sofie boersting 01.jpg
sofie boersting 02.jpg
sofie boersting 03.jpg